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Loren Daniels is the original creator and founder of Mannequin in Motion. Even at age four, her mannequin-like poses drew attention from friends and family and continued into her teens.

Loren’s interest in “living displays” was ignited during an in-house fashion event. The Fashion Coordinator asked her to pose inside the store window housing mannequins that really didn’t breathe. Facing the sidewalk of shoppers and retail entrance, Loren was definitely a show-stopper, building a curious audience and drawing them inside the store. The seed of “When I grow up, I want to be a mannequin” had been planted at age thirteen.

Moving forward in the fashion industry and evolving from a runway and photographic model, Loren enlisted her skills as a spokesperson at conventions, Production Coordinator for local producers and industrial films, cable television host for fashion, fitness and beauty and taught classes at various facilities, sharing her experience with those that wanted to pursue a career in the fashion arena.

Loren’s passion for a career that involved living statues was consistent with her goal of providing a service that would exceed the expectations of clients that needed a unique way to launch a new product, provide education at a trade show or introduce an unmistakably artistic flavor at special events and celebrations.

From still modeling to “in Motion” centerpieces, Loren began growing her idea to provide a robotic twist to events that commanded attention from attendees. She choreographs and coordinates performance elements necessary for successful events. She is the visionary for costumes, make-up, props and productions that require staging, lighting, sound and fills an innovative entertainment and promotional niche.

Mannequin in Motion was established in 1988. Since that time Loren has expanded from animating her own living statue performances to options that include stage presentations filled with song, dance, music and skilled professionals working behind the scenes.

Loren is proud to say that she is the creative force behind Mannequin in Motion!