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Open House

At a recent open house gala for a large retail establishment, Mannequin in Motion employed performers to draw attention to locations throughout the store. Guests were encouraged to explore various departments, encountering living mannequins who creatively demonstrated the services offered to the store’s customers. Mannequin in Motion visualized and manufactured props that wouldn’t interfere with traffic flow but would, instead, create an innovative, themed environment.
A living mannequin costumed as an early 1900’s carpenter demonstrated the superb construction of one display piece. Nearby, an oriental rug housed a performer who transformed from a traditional, inanimate, statue to a comedian who entertained his audience with live, friendly banter. A piece of framed artwork, nestled in a corner, became the center of attention as the elegantly dressed subject came to life, singing familiar songs a cappella before returning to her ‘posed and poised’ artistic image.
Mannequin in Motion’s unique brand of entertainment always produces an evening’s worth of unexpected enjoyment.

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